Committed To Your Safety

During the past weeks, life has changed drastically, for all of us, but rest assured that the current circumstances do not change the 24/7 support line we have always offered to you. At Building Intelligence, your safety has always been our number one priority and we truly value the trust you place in us.

Although many of us are now working remotely, our commitment and productivity towards you remain the same. We are constantly adapting to the ever-changing security landscape and attempting to adopt the noted best practices in order to maintain a high level of operations to better serve you. The growing concern over coronavirus (COVID-19) makes it no different.

While visitor traffic might have slowed down for some, others might still need to keep up with high fleet or vehicle traffic. Whatever situation you find yourself in, we want you to feel confident when using SV3. In order to give you peace of mind during this time, we are highlighting several different features that may help your business as precautions over COVID-19 continue.

Some of these features include building protocol notations on the visitor emails that are sent out or may involve a check-in questionnaire that allows your building to survey a variety of different factors when new visitors are scheduled or checked-in. To find out other ways SV3 is offering hands-free and zero-contact check-ins, please contact us here, or give us a call at 877.353.3377.

We are in this together.

Thank you for your continued support and feedback, and for being part of our community.